We are HopFusion Ale Works

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do at HopFusion Ale Works. We are excited by innovation and art, and we decided to fuse those concepts into our brewery.

Our founders, Macy Moore and Matt Hill, are passionate about both. They firmly believe that craft brew is an experience, not just a beer. It’s about community and friends.

Macy and Matt both began their award-winning craft brew journey as home brewers, with over two decades of experience between them. Macy developed a passion for the art of light-bodied ales, while Matt’s passion tends towards the darker-bodied ales and barleywines.

We opened our multiple award-winning taproom and brewery on November 25th, 2016.

While The Hop will continue providing a unique craft beer and community-focused location, we are all very excited with what The Gravity will offer!

Much like the original taproom, The Gravity is custom-designed and hand-built by our founders. Touches of the original taproom will be reflected in the new space, but this experience will be all together different and unique.

Cheers to new opportunities!